Plant Assembling - The integrative core of the INTEGRAL group

Mechanical and electrical erection activities are usually the most extensive and cost-intensive part of the construction for power plants, industrial and other generating facilities.

The scope of our erection services starts with steel construction and includes the assembly of any type of equipment, vessels, machines and other facilities as well as the erection of all media-pipe systems, ducts and other utilities.

A high number of experts and specialists with years of experi┬Čence in all fields of the erection sector are active in our company. We ensure our clients a smooth implementation of the required erection work using modern machines, tools, transport and fleet equipment. INTEGRAL provides mobile construction facilities for the storage of materials and tools as well as for site management, supervisors and assembly team. In addition, we provide all devices to meet the safety requirements at the construction area for staff and equipment in order to handle your project safely and reliably.


  • Power plants
  • Industrial plants
  • Wastewater treatments
  • Waste incineration plants
  • Flue-gas cleaning plants
  • Chemical and petrochemical plants
  • Special erection work
  • Maintenance and service
  • Direct labor work
  • Manufacturing

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