Management System

To meet our responsibility towards our customers, employees, society and environment, health & safety, environment, quality and compliance have highest priority. Responsible and sustainable use of resources, acting in accordance with the Code of Ethics of the INTEGRAL group, active involvement of our employees as well as open communication are therefore the basic requirements. Our standards are going way beyond the fulfillment of legal require-ments. We set goals, assess the status of achievement based on established criteria and communicate issues openly. Through continuous improvement we are enhancing our management system for quality, safety and environment and anchor it in our employees’ minds.


Our business actions and behavior are defined by the following principles:

  1. QUALITY: We see our responsibility in supplying our products and services within the contractually agreed timeframe, quality and in compliance with legal regulations and ethical values. Together with our customers we develop optimized solutions.
    Download ISO9001 Certificate
  2. SAFETY and HEALTH: The consequent commitment of all employees with the safety regulations, our clear responsibility for each individual and the community as well as the role-model function are an integral part of our safety awareness and safety culture. We create working conditions that ensure the health and the protection of our employees. We offer opportunities for passive and active health care and health preservation.
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    OHSAS18001 Certificate
  3. ENVIRONMENT: We ensure that negative effects of our business activities are reduced to a minimum. Sustainable, environmental awareness is incorporated in all our activities and decisions.
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  4. COMPLIANCE: Everybody who is acting on behalf of one of our companies, is bound to ethical and appropriate behavior in business transactions. We are treating our clients, customers, suppliers and partners always with full respect and integrity and secure the basis for a trustful and successful long-term business relationship.
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In addition to the QSE certificates shown above, the INTEGRAL group still has approvals and certifications in many other areas. Please use the table below to get an overview of the available proofs: